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Due to this site's limited bandwidth, we are only able to offer services on a limited basis; see our FAQ for details on what's available here. Questions sent to us which are already addressed in the FAQ may be ignored.

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For those who are trying to use our visitor counter for the first time:
Thanks to all who have reported problems with the broken image; we are currently trying to fix the bug. In the meantime, please stop e-mailing us about it, as extra support mail just puts us further behind. We will notify everyone via this page when it has been fixed. Thanks for your patience. Note that this bug only affects pages which are using the counter for the first time; those already using it should be fine.

We regret that we must maintain an indefinite hold on new accounts while we evaluate our bandwidth situation, and consider how we might upgrade our link to the Internet to better service our users. Any suggestions or donations are welcome in the meantime; for either, we can be contacted at admin@chocobo.org. We do hope to remain a free service.

Please do not submit new account requests until further notice; they will be ignored. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime, we humbly recommend our sister site, Dragonfire Internet Services, for WWW and FTP services.

ChocoboNet is still home to a few user pages. Please feel free to take a look!

We are proud to be a part of the EsperNet IRC network. Those of you familiar with DALnet should feel right at home there; we run a very similar suite of services which includes NickServ and ChanServ to secure nicknames and channels without the need for bots, and MemoServ to leave messages for other users even when they're not online at the moment.

EsperNet currently has nine active servers. You can check it out by connecting to irc.esper.net, port 5555.

Comments or questions? You can reach the ChocoboNet administration at admin@chocobo.org. Or, please sign our Guestbook. Feel free to add comments, send money, or just say hello. =^.^=

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