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Do you provide dial-up Internet access?
No, ChocoboNet is not an Internet Access Provider offering direct Internet access. Rather, ChocoboNet provides services to users who already have access to the Internet.

What kind of services do you offer?
In addition to serving as an IRC server (as mentioned on the main page), ChocoboNet offers web space accounts on a limited basis. Unfortunately our limited bandwidth, coupled with our rising user base, has forced us to discontinue offering e-mail accounts to the general public. This may change in future. We do still offer use of our visitor counter, both to current account holders and to remote users.


Are you accepting new accounts at this time?
No, not at the moment. We regret that we must maintain an indefinite hold on new accounts while we evaluate our bandwidth situation, and consider how we might upgrade our link to the Internet to better service our users. Any suggestions or donations are welcome in the meantime; for either, we can be contacted at We do hope to remain a free service.

Please do not submit new account requests until further notice; they will be ignored. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How much do accounts here cost?
Accounts here are FREE, for as long as ChocoboNet can afford to provide them. Given ChocoboNet's very limited bandwidth, however, this may have to change in future, to provide a faster link to better accommodate its users. Rest assured that if such a change becomes necessary, all users will be notified well in advance, and will of course be free to cancel their account here. ChocoboNet is, in any case, a non-profit service provider.

How much server space are users allotted?
All users are currently allocated a maximum of 10 Mb of space. This may have to be reduced in future, as circumstances require.

Does ChocoboNet allow / support CGI scripts?
Yes, but all scripts must be approved by before being run on the server.

Do you have any particular rules or guidelines for users here?
The rules are simple:
  1. No illicit activities, or advertisement or endorsement of such activities. This includes (but is by no means limited to) illegal software pirating, also known as "warez." Note that while any violations brought to the attention of the ChocoboNet administration will be dealt with, ChocoboNet assumes no responsibility for the actions of its users, and will not attempt to seek out violations.
  2. All scripts must be approved by before being run on the server.
  3. No commercial advertisements, whether yours or some other company's. As an *.org domain (non-profit organization), especially, we can't allow it.

So how do I apply for an account?
We're not accepting new accounts at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.


How do I upload my HTML documents and other files to the server?
FTP to the address using your username and password. You must connect non-anonymously in order to upload your materials successfully.

What directory do my HTML documents need to be placed into?
Your HTML materials must be placed into your www directory in order for them to be visible on the Web. When you connect to the FTP server, you will automatically be sent to your home directory. From there, Change Directories to ~username/www, where "username" is your login name.

What FTP software do you recommend?
For PC Windows users, we recommend the client WS FTP. It's rather simplistic, but adequate for most FTP purposes. It's also available as shareware at software sites like TUCOWS. Just poke around until you find the software for the operating system you have.

For Macintosh users, Fetch is outstanding, and we've been told that Anarchie is also quite good. Both can also be found at TUCOWS.

Visitor Counter

Does ChocoboNet offer its own web page counter?
Yes, it does. See our counter page for details on how to use it.

I don't have an account on ChocoboNet, but I'd still like to use your counter. Can I do this? And does it cost money?
Yes, you can. Read the counter page section entitled "Pages on remote sites" to find out how. It is absolutely free.

I want to submit my own counter font! What do I need to know?
All the information you need is at our counter page. (Sensing a pattern here, people? ;) Read the section titled "Creating your own font" carefully before sending your submission. Submissions that do not comply with the instructions will be piped directly to /dev/null without a second glance.

Is there a way to reset my counter?
We have to reset it for you. Send us the URL of your web page, along with your reasons for wanting your visitor count reset, and we'll consider your request.

Would you send me your counter CGI code?
Sorry, no.

How do I make a counter like yours?
Um. If you need to ask us this, you probably don't have the programming knowledge necessary to "make" your own counter. Although this may sound harsh or condescending, it's not meant to be; it's simple statement of fact.

Last updated 30 March 1999

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